.NET Programming

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  1. leena mandhala

    Great course! Excellent materials and presentation.Provided great depth on
    the topics that were covered and was able to discuss off-topic areas as
    well. His technical expertise in the area was reflected in all areas of the
    course and everything was done very professionally.

  2. isha patel

    Thank you.. Excellent presantation, training material and each and every
    detailed explanation by shekhar… I did attend the training sessions from
    shekhar. He is very good trainer. He helped me everytime. Also he explained
    areal time project in the last session step by step which was great help to
    me. Thank you so much shekhar,

  3. Kanaka Simhadri

    Excellent and detailed point to point explanation..

  4. Sekhar Aripaka

    Thank you for your support!! FYI, Registrations for Jun-July batch is open
    now. Batch start date is Jun 28th. Please write to sekhar.aripak@gmail.com
    for details.

  5. Khadir Basha

    Hi Sekhar Sir, This is khadir basha, I am working in .net as fresher. I saw
    your first session in youtube. I got it from google. Really it is very
    great which you are explaining way. you explained each and every point of
    .net in details and Excellent presentation. I am Eagerly wanting to learn
    total .net from you only. I would like to watch your total sessions. please
    could you tell me ,how can i get your total sessions. my id is
    khadironline4u@gmail.com waiting for your replay.

  6. raulkrishh1

    This is probably one of the best .Net Training available out in the market
    and for its price its worth every penny. He covers almost all the topics
    from basics of C# to IDE framework, asp.net and WCF webservices. For a
    fresher to intermediate level its totally worth it. Not only he prepares
    from a conceptual point of view but also in practical way when he walks
    through a live project.

  7. Sekhar Aripaka

    Thank you for your support. FYI, Sep-Oct 2012 batch registrations are open
    now. Batch starts on Mon, 24th Sep @8pm EDT. If you are interested, plz
    send an email to sekhar.aripak@gmail.com for batch details.

  8. Kumaran Surender

    This is really good…I want to learn .NET …I want to watch your total
    sessions. How can I do that? My email id is kumaran2805@gmail.com..

  9. mundapakistani .

    nice video man… helped me alot…thankx

  10. Chandra Nag

    superrr plz send all the .net classes to me sir

  11. Chandra Nag

    send all .net classes to my mail d ramchandranag@gmail.com

  12. Rajendra cheemaladinne

    VERY HELPFUL TO ME. MY MAIL ID IS.rajaceemaladinne@gmail.com

  13. syed sarver Hussain

    very helpfull iwant the link of all the sessions please send links to my e
    mail id sekhar aripaka wonderfull.my email id:-syedsarver1986@gmail.com

  14. Vivek Kumar

    Sir plz send all session link on my email id …….vksingh087@gmail.com

  15. MrKoukoo

    thanks to the video and may I know what program or software are you using
    to record this video ?

  16. Sekhar Aripaka

    Next .net training batch is starting on 24th Apr. If you are interested
    please review the details link in video description. Kind Note: If you are
    a student and cannot afford for the training; please ask for limited
    free/discounted seats.

  17. Ram Patil

    nice sir….

  18. rajkumar sahu

    hello , I am Realy Enjoy with .net Video 3-tier Architecture

  19. A Panchal

    Send me a session link to my email at ankita.panchal@gmail.com

  20. abhivaxs

    Awesome site and very helpful

  21. Francis Nacua

    Oh my god!!!!! Internet Explorer!!!!! Lol kidding, nice videos bro.

  22. reflexion66

    Thank you, you are saving my life. Fantastic presentation!

  23. MadhuKar Reddy.Pasham

    for information check pashamtechnology site it will help for u.

  24. MadhuKar Reddy.Pasham

    for carriers check pashamtechnlogies site.

  25. Mary Angel

    have u a complete application of simple paint in smw extension?….

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