Getting Your WordPress Blog Optimized for the Search Engines

There’s a reason why WordPress has become one of the most used platforms for blogging. The WordPress Content Management System is an excellent tool to aid you in building a top quality website. The best part about using WordPress is that it can assist you in getting tons of traffic through its robust features. As with all technology, to be able to get the most out your WordPress blog you must learn how best to utilize its features to reach the search engines. To put it another way, many people tend to ignore a most vital step when they ignore optimizing their WordPress settings. If you remember to focus on this step, you’ll find you’re able to achieve excellent results from the search engines.

We all know that organic traffic is the key to any successful online business. In addition, the visitors that you draw from the predominant search engines such as Google are not only free, but are targeted a lot. This article will be taking a look at ways to best utilize the features of SEO for your WordPress blog platform.

Using relevant keywords in the post titles on your WordPress blog is one of the most essential (and simple) ways that you can increase your search engine optimization right away. Aside from your post titles, your keywords should be incorporated in the content of your post. In order to ensure that search engines will index and rank the pages of your website accordingly, it’s important to only use each post title once within your site, and be careful of repeats. When creating your titles, have a bunch of relevant keywords ready to be used in your post titles of various articles on your site. Along with having your targeted keywords, your post title should be enticing and interesting to read. This is necessary because the search engine listings will carry your title, making it the first thing a visitor sees when doing a search. Titles should be brief, catchy and to the point. You can’t be vague with your titles, be very clear so that you achieve your objective easily.

Having a sitemap on your WordPress site always helps, especially when you don’t want to wait to index your blog. A very easy to use plugin is available from the WordPress extensions repository that will create the site map for you. Possessing a site map is essential for those utilizing WordPress. By utilizing your site map, Google will be able to “spider” your website and access all the content with ease. In addition, an important habit to get into is to notify other websites every time you add a post to your blog. You will see a boost to your ranking when other website owners link back to yours (also known as “backlinks”). Remember to ping each post added to your site.

It’s also a good plan to include any related blog posts under any of the newer posts you write. This is accomplished by the use of a plugin that will combine several related posts by using the their tags. You can easily decide the amount of related posts you’ll want to show, and that will also give the search engines a much simpler way to connect to your older posts. In conclusion, blogs and websites created on the WordPress platform truly have an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. Use this article as a guideline, and your efforts will go a long way to helping you achieve excellent results.

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