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  1. Emma Jones

    Thanks! Awesome video!

  2. ckildegaard

    Thank you for the wonderful comments, you both! More are coming as soon as
    I get my primary computer back. For now, you can find more lessons on my
    website (see description).

  3. Fernando Basso

    Thanks. I’m from brazil, but you talk in a pace and way/pronunciation that
    is very easy to understand. Very nice video for a very nice programming

  4. ckildegaard

    I am glad that I can be of assistance. Another video is coming very soon.

  5. Harsimran Singh

    Nice Video. Where is the link to lesson 2 ?

  6. ckildegaard

    Just added the link in the description. Thank you for your interest in my

  7. eric stolte

    Hi, I am on a windows 7 pc. I am in my cmd and i typed what you did and it
    says “The system cannot find the path specified” I tried typing documents
    with a capital and lower case “D”. the same result occured. any ideas on
    how i can fix this?

  8. ckildegaard

    Hello, eric. The commands on a Windows system will be slightly different
    (unless you download, install, and configure the Cygwin application), so
    please see the text version of the lesson. A link is available in the

  9. Tom Nijhuis

    Thanks for your very clear vid. finally starting to see the fun of the
    terminal! Q about capital letters. If I type fe Chris in the terminal, and
    the script is= if ($namme eq “chris”) {
    print “……n”;
    small letter c in chris in the perl script, then the answer will be- else
    -because of the difference in the capital. Is there a code to bypass
    capital sensitivity? Thanks!

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