Search Marketing and Social Signals

Google released the Penguin update in 2012 and, for a short while, the Internet business community was in a lot of flux. People were very worried about the affect that it would have on them. As a direct result of this, the incredible importance of social signals became far more widely known. This is mostly about SEO but there are some definite applications to your site–like in terms of your traffic. Your business will not survive if you ignore this recent strong development. Sure it’s a trend right now but it doesn’t seem to be lessening to any degree. When you are looking for practical applications for social signals (SEO or more general things), these are some of the things that you can do.

Social Signal Friendly Site

Find out as much as possible about Open Graph so that you can use it to your advantage for exposure. This is not a new thing, but it appears to have the right timing to be relevant. You have to learn how to use the markup, which is like HTML for your site. You can come up with metadata descriptions for your webpage, graphics, and other things. Then you will have an opportunity to take advantage of widgets for social media. This will be a webpage that is a social signal friendlier. You want to have so much set in place that you can always use them to your advantage.

If your site is large, getting eyes on your internal pages, will be a hard task to accomplish. This is why social signals are necessary. Also, don’t forget to make intelligent use of linking within your site. You can do this via plugins and automation. But make sure that you do not do anything that will increase your load time.


You can also make use of paid ads on Twitter and Facebook as a stop gap measure. Plenty of websites will place ads in order to get more people to visit the site. But be sure your targeting is spot on so you avoid wasting time and ad spend.

There is a new method of optimization and it is all about social media members. Even thought the context is viewed as new due to the social signals, but it is not a new thing. Many online marketers have been commenting for years that you have to pay attention to and involve your readers. When it comes to posting good content, this is another way of making sure that your reader is engaged . But now you need to do this for your audience on social sites.

Engaging the Audience

Find new ways to engage your audience and customers. Build relationships with people who have bought products from you because they already trust your judgement. You have to work much less with existing customers, and they can be your greatest cheerleaders. Nobody talked about social signals at this time last year. It didn’t take very long, however, for people to see that SEO and social media marketing are really closely related. They are so tightly bonded that in order to get good ranking and traffic, you need to know how to implement social signals.

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