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  1. 660630989

    God bless you for posting this helpful videos for new learner and students
    it just greatly define and I m going to do it:-)

  2. david addiss

    Thank you for this video. This guy is a really good teacher. Wish he was my
    teacher. Im glad I saw this video first as he makes complicated things seem
    a little more simple. He does remind me of Paul Simon though lol

  3. Neko91485

    I think the internet is a valid replacement to over priced education. $5000
    for this certification? Why did I even go to college?

  4. Jon Owens

    For Beginners = hard enough without thick foreign accent.

  5. Geenona

    thanks for the tutorial. Can you please send the link to the Oracle db that
    I should install. There are lots of links out there and am not sure what to
    install. Thanks for your help.

  6. Albert Mitchell

    great thanks for posting

  7. Mamdou Attallah

    I am looking on my computer for the sql key and I can not find it

  8. Hassan Sheikh

    thank you so much, alot of free knowledge, the instructure is very nice!

  9. joelkillztime


  10. Andrzej Iwaniuk

    ok ok ok 😀 basic 🙂

  11. Sean Killian

    Is there any way to specify a primary field and “defragment” the database
    based on that field? You’re saying that data is not stored in any
    particular order, but is it possible to manually run a reordering on the
    database? Does “rebuilding” the indices do this?

  12. ReckerMan1

    Very nicly done. The instructor does a very good job explaining the reasons
    behind why things are done a particular way, that is obviously based on
    real world experiances.. evident in his examples.


    gud 1…..very helpful video …. tanxx …:-)

  14. korvix

    in soviet russia table inserts you

  15. Shanur Islam

    Tell that to the millions that use it as a database. I had a client that
    used an excel spreadsheet to pull data for an iOS app.

  16. evilhacks1

    That is an expensive reason.

  17. TehWhimsicalWhale

    “Management Position requirement: Bachelors in “x”, Masters in “X”, Ph.D in
    “X”- preferable” …. that’s why.

  18. Skrunkles thepig

    God Bless you man for sharing this with us stupid turds wanting to learn
    this valuable tool!

  19. Romila jha

    amazing class…….. need not to go anywhere to understand the topics 🙂

  20. Art Rush

    Hello David, you have great video, and I’m also enrolled in your SQL class.
    I’ve been talking with students from SQL class and everyone is having
    trouble with installing Oracle Database software… Anyways I’ve managed to
    get and use the older version 11g. I have signed up for the HR database and
    suppose to, but for some reason I have been able to log in only one time. I
    had tried to log in for so many times and it didn’t work. Please help me
    out, thanks ART

  21. DrSilktest7

    Hi Art, The version we cover in the class is 10g. It can be downloaded and
    installed from download.com. You can also install version 11g. 12c xe is
    yet to be released. As for using the database. Detailed instructions are
    provided in portnov.com site. Briefly, you log in a user system and
    password which you entered during installation. this should be done only
    once. Navigate to administration section and enable user HR. This user is
    in the database, but is disabled. Good luck! David

  22. Sealatis

    for an overpriced piece of paper

  23. Fernando lopez soria

    i learned php i think its easy and fun what is MySQL ? and is it harder?

  24. svrtechnologies

    excellent video on SQL training.. thanks for the video

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