25 Responses to MSSQL

  1. Jeffrey Houser

    Oh yes, absolutely! I’ve just started to use SQL Server And although I will
    be taking some formal courses in the near future, Your videos are clear,
    concise and very informative. They are some of the best I have come across
    and I look forward to seeing the rest as time goes on!

  2. WiseOwlTutorials

    Nice to hear – good luck!

  3. In10s

    im sorry i asked on the wrong video i was referring to a the programming
    query in perhaps you can make some tutorial connecting it to
    by codes?

  4. WiseOwlTutorials

    ­čśÇ Thank you very much!

  5. mosawi

    you have NO idea how helpful ALL your videos have been! Thank you!

  6. WiseOwlTutorials

    Very pleased to hear that it helped! Thank you for watching.

  7. Ali Meshkot

    Very well explained. Well done.

  8. WiseOwlTutorials

    Thanks! Hope you found it useful.

  9. Mohammad Al Sukkar

    Thank you so much for the video. i am going to watch all of them. very

  10. WiseOwlTutorials

    That’s very nice of you, thanks very much!

  11. Eric Stevenson

    Excellent videos my good man

  12. Damian Walczak

    Thank you very much! Very helpful videos You should consider adding Donate

  13. Nilantha Dissanayake

    Thank you! very useful…Love it

  14. 4dotsofcolor

    Great walk through, very helpful video. Thanks!

  15. WiseOwlTutorials

    Glad you found it useful, thanks for watching!

  16. WiseOwlTutorials

    Happy to hear it, thank you for watching!

  17. mathew steyn

    thnx )) it’s vry gd . ..

  18. WiseOwlTutorials

    You’re welcome, thanks for watching!

  19. redstarwebsites

    great video, very well explained & straight to the point , thanks for

  20. WiseOwlTutorials

    You’re welcome and thank you for watching!

  21. Justin Hawthorne

    Great video, thank you for posting. Very helpful!

  22. WiseOwlTutorials

    Happy you found it useful, thanks for watching!

  23. Kat Livengood

    Loved this – so very helpful and your voice is very soothing to listen to
    as I learn!´╗┐

  24. Pavithra9181

    Intellisense does not work for me!´╗┐

  25. Lakshmi Narasimha


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