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  1. MrSemetry

    nice tutorial dude…i registered already to your website, where can i put
    or post a comments on your forums? i have some questions regarding
    connection of local server into a live server….cheers.

  2. Kofi Asafo-Agyei

    Hey Bucky, pls pls pls “publish your own line of “WTF is…” books or a
    website, whatever, Man.” I love that idea, ZamfirChannel. “WTF is” is a
    gonna sell itself.

  3. Randy Lee

    i dont think you’d need a primary key for Lisa, who’s 68 and a magician…

  4. Tyler Kiddle

    Can anyone tell me how to show the name of films that end in a,e i o or u?

  5. TTV5

    Going to a school that requires me to learn Java, HTML/CSS and SQL, I
    simply cannot express all my love for you.

  6. hyperionalziz

    Your explanations rock! Thanks! 🙂

  7. sam222ist

    Yes. Mosst of the queries are similar. the only difference is that
    PosgreSQL is not a relational database rather an object relational database.

  8. mozpong1

    Bucky ti si kralj 😉

  9. MatthewPerry2011

    great, now I feel like a sheep

  10. Mark Gordon

    It appears it doesn’t make sense to learn MYSQL without knowing SQL am I
    right? so where is a good tutorial to learn SQL. Sadly Bucky doesn’t go
    over that

  11. Cloud Strife

    Would that school be WGU?

  12. Cloud Strife

    Bucky Roberts is an awesome resource should you need elucidation in the

  13. Cloud Strife

    Bucky Roberts is an awesome resource should you need elucidation in the

  14. Bert Stare

    Brb didn’t study all semester, brb going to ace the course. You are a god!

  15. justin s

    wtf man, you are pro at so many things…. you are an inspiration to
    conquer many subjects and skills. Thanks man..

  16. creeperambassador

    Thanks bucky all your tutorials have helped me make my first wow private
    server I have it working not I just need to clean it up and It wil be done

  17. x1c3x

    no “baker” profession? i am disappointed 🙂

  18. Fernando lopez soria

    lol i remember this dwag did a survival tutorial in reality 😀 epic

  19. PlegPlayer

    Hi – at uni i have to do a data base project using Aqua Database Studio. Is
    it the same kind of software as MySQL? Will learning MySQL with these
    videos help with my Aqua Database project? Thanks! 😀 Id really appreciate
    an answer 😀

  20. Chris N

    Does anyone else hear that annoying high pitch noise??

  21. Pakize Efe

    Hi, I’ve got a question. Whenever I tried to login to my loginsystem
    which’s database is on mysql, my websites redirects me to an error page,
    till I login once to phpadmin, after that it works all the time. So on
    another pc, I first have to login once to phpadmin and only then I can use
    my system. Whats wrong?

  22. linuxxxunil

    hey thanks Bucky… I’m kinda old but always had an interest in databases.
    well guess what, I started installing a bunch of database programs to
    learn. your explanation of primary keys has turned on a light for me. so
    proud of you.

  23. David Ross

    This is the 3rd playlist of tutorials I am getting through of yours Bucky.
    I used to feel thick when the text based tutorials offered for all these
    website basics had me back forth with tech speak, that presumed I knew wtf
    they were on about.

    The overall patronising tone from many of those who code often shocks me.
    It’s like some secret club that if you have not GOT the 26 step basics of
    how to do X then you are barely worth even talking to.

    I can remember when I first saw linux code to put in terminal I had no idea
    how to even open terminal. Seeing other people in these comments just the
    same as I was.

    I had to find how to go back and do the basics. Each and every step. Till
    the point that I had so many tabs open I lost where the hell I was in my
    browser. I’d often finish at 2am barely any further along my task and my
    brain fried trying to learn so much new stuff at once. It was like I was
    learning the most difficult way for my brain.

    By contrast your tutorials presume I know nothing. Slate wiped clean each
    time. Your teaching visually through example for me this is the key. Your
    sound quality is usually perfect. The examples are always spot on how my
    brain works. You make fun of yourself and everyone else which makes
    learning a joy. This approach is fantastic because sometimes I have no
    clue, or I’ve picked up a bad method from some random forum. Suddenly after
    watching your vids I am picking up skills I have struggled with for years.
    I just never found a way to learn that worked for me.

    I wish I’d found your channel years ago when I first started building my
    site. It would have saved me MONTHS of time and preserved precious brain
    cells. I wish you every success in your endeavours because the assistance
    you have provided me is INVALUABLE.

  24. Crash36JAL

    Now I just need to figure out what a “tay-bow” is.

    Just messing with you, sir. This video is great! Thank you!

  25. Kerim Timirbulatov

    This is very useful thank you!

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