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Tricks to Building a User Friendly Website

If you haven’t yet explored the idea of building user friendly websites, it is vital that you understand that there are all sorts of different things to consider here. You can get as fancy and complex as you like and use advanced methods such as Taguchi multivariate testing. It is a good idea to start simply and small and then work up to those things though. This is how you find out which knowledge you need so that you can go get it. When you do this, you should start at the very beginning and start making small changes.

It only makes complete sense that creating a pleasing place for your visitors to learn will be a good thing. Web users are famous for being impatient and generally lazy, and you unfortunately have to cater to that. If you have anything that needs to be filled out, like a form for something – easy does it without asking for too much information. Your payment processes will be smooth and also optimized, and the reason for doing this is to increase conversions and avoid shopping cart abandonment. There are various arguments for including a search form function even though they are somewhat standard on blog templates but a non-blog site may not have it as standard. If you think the search field would be better off elsewhere, then see about moving it. The search is something that users expect to see on all sites, probably, and the reason for this is that it’s been around for so long and just about all sites have them. And don’t forget to do a quick sanity check for this just to be sure all is all right. Most webmasters will not think about doing this, but it’s worth doing because you can encourage greater visitor engagement.

Have a privacy policy even if you are not collecting user information, and if you read any standard privacy policy, you’ll see text that states how user information is collected. Other information will be what is done with it and what the visitor can expect, and it’s fine to edit that out or change it so it’s more accurate, but the important point here is to have this policy on its own page. Then of course you’ll link to it from all pages and it’s usually placed next to the contact link in the footer. If you do not have any templates, you can just Google them and you’ll find a lot of them – so it’s pretty easy stuff. In short, a user friendly website will make you more money, generally speaking. And consider that a site which is difficult to use will not hold your visitors for very long. There are no magic tricks, and you can learn how to make your site very powerful.

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