Using MS-Access


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  1. ladybird754

    thanks, very well explained.

  2. teju C

    sir., i have some problem on working with asp my task is to create a
    database using ms access to store view that images in adrotator
    using asp..can u help me

  3. 599CD Computer Training

    That’s more complex than I can help you with here, but I’d be happy to help
    you if you contact me via my web site at 599CD(dot)COM/TechHelp

  4. Stefan Szabo

    Thank you it was very good.

  5. ohiomommy330

    Thank you so much. I am going to school for Health Information, I am sure
    this will the software they will teach.

  6. Nora Gonzales

    Thanks for sharing. I needed to learn MS Access for class.

  7. annette DiBenedetto

    This was really helpful; you did a great job clearly explaining the tasks
    and your pace was perfect. Thank you so much. You are an excellent
    educator. We need more educators like you. Thank you.

  8. VJ Blues


  9. 599CD Computer Training

    In database theory, you will see the terms “attribute” and “tuple” used to
    describe “columns” and “rows,” however in Access (and in almost every
    Access book I’ve ever read – and I have dozens of them) the terms are
    generally referred to as “fields” and “records,” which is what I prefer for
    my lessons. Microsoft Access ITSELF refers to them as “fields.” Just open a
    table and go into Design View and you’ll see “Field Name” to represent each

  10. garotopunkrock

    Wow! Cool! I use Google docs excell version to record jobs and payment, but
    sometimes it’s frustrating… I want to record everything quickly only by
    interacting with forms and not tables. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  11. Chris Veal

    Excellent Video, speech and quality. A+++ I will definitely be checking the
    website out. Thank you

  12. Erik Ginsberg

    Thank you sir!

  13. Sankalp Kandaswamy

    Very clear and concise. Good Job.

  14. photini vasiliou

    very nice

  15. nadia cazier

    this was very helpful thank you!! I barely understood it now I understand

  16. Abednego Mulumbi

    thanks mennnn i had alot of problems but nw i thinki can be an expert

  17. Ana Barrios

    Thank you so much, you helped me a lot!!

  18. Tamara Ali

    So helpful

  19. leona wright

    I have a question – in the numeric field, I need to enter up to and above 8
    numbers but this won’t let me. Any ideas? I even tried the “more fields”
    section and nothing is taking the amount of numbers.

  20. Ale Pit

    Thank you!!!!

  21. Ahmed Ifrahim

    Thank You Sir 

  22. Uppy Sing

    Nice tutorial.. love u sweetie

  23. Jocelyn Tesorero


  24. Michael Hinze

    Not often you come across 15 minutes of such concise instruction. Great
    job. Thanks.

  25. Nur Hidayah Ismail

    Thanks for uploading your tutorial here. I was literally clueless about
    Access and this just cleared some of my curiosity. Great job on the

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