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10 Responses to VBScript

  1. lordpacco rapp

    good video… i know vbscript…. but i didnt learn with videos or watching
    a teatcher…. XD i learned by myself lol thats true

  2. CDan75X

    Lol, I’m expert with batch scripting.

  3. CDan75X

    And a program called notepad++ has every scripting language

  4. mw2isepic1

    haz you expert with bastch??

  5. CDan75X

    Yes, and you mean Batch Scripting, yes, I’m very good at that Language, lol.

  6. mw2isepic1

    Really? How good are you with it? Know strings? For command? Errorlevels?

  7. Raviteja P

    Could you plz share vb script to maximize command prompt using send keys ?

  8. Matthew Ellemberg


  9. Александр Сошников

    Convert VBScript in to EXE

  10. Maggie Hsu

    you know vbscript, how about scripting to archive event logs to a network
    share? Can you share some light on archive evnet logs?

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