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Using Mac OS Got Easier With Several Helpful Tips

Our guess is that many of you are taking a lot of time to learn the tips for the new Mac OS. This happens with any new operating system – Mac or Windows – and is easy to understand. Many of us find this the fun part of getting a new operating system. All those who really do not want to be bothered with this discovery process just wait for others to do it. The people who enjoy doing this are more than happy to share their discoveries with the rest of the online community. So, with this mode of sharing in mind, here are some really neat and useful Mac OS tips that you can use right now to do your work faster.

While we are working, there are times when it becomes necessary to resize one of the windows. We believe one of the new features of Mac OS Lion makes it easier to do this resizing. You can do this by putting your mouse cursor at the edge of the window you wish to resize. A special cursor will appear just to help you resize the window. We have found this feature to be a great convenience as we frequently have several windows open at any given time. Anytime you have a lot of open windows, for us at least, we need to do some resizing just for screen window management, etc. Regardless of the size you want to change a window to, this unique cursor for resizing will allow you to do it. When you have the windows to the size you prefer, you simply go back to work. If you had the ability to do more with your address book (especially if you could combine all that you have) would make your life much easier. Entries should be added with the pic making them look much more profound. Now you can do that using OS X Lion, and all you will be doing is taking your Address Book and the Faces feature in iPhoto and linking the two together. Clicking on Faces one time, and then double clicking on the image of your choice, will associate your contact with that image. You will be able to look through the iPhoto library to find the person you want. The image that you want to use can be chosen and altered to your liking as well.

Have you heard of Mac Os? They are very useful applications that many people enjoy using. So here is an app you may want to check out and explore. If you want to make your own apps, be in charge of their development, using Xcode app with Mac OS X is the way to go. Visiting the Apple’s App Store, you will find that this application can be downloaded for free. To make your machine as unique as possible, you can make your own widgets for your Dashboard. Watch out! You may get addicted when using all of this software. Literally, the sky is the limit! This article has some good tips about the Mac OS, and if you have enjoyed reading them, you should now go use them for your good. Some of the tips are pretty simple and others are more involved. The tips that are hard, you might need to write down some notes, but through continued use, they can be remembered.

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